5 Subconscious Mind HACKS That Can DRASTICALLY Change Your Life! (Learn THIS!) Law Of Attraction

Your subconscious mind is like a supercomputer making sense of all the information and stimuli it encounters. Each second of each day the lack of proper communication between our conscious mind and our subconscious mind is the cause of most things that we label as problems.
If the conscious and subconscious are not working in harmony, the subconscious mind will most likely be the operating power in charge. You can see this in instances, where a person wants to change something about their life, but they keep repeating the same patterns that don’t assist them with that change. Therefore, developing and nurturing communication between these two parts of the mind is imperative to achieve successful results in any areas of our lives.
That magic Genie within you, the subconscious mind that holds such tremendous power is not intended to be in charge. The power it has, is intended to steer our lives in automatic ways and it does so in a phenomenal fashion. It’s simply that sometimes it’s working with inaccurate instructions that are outdated. Once you have control of your Genie, there is no wish it will not assist you in the achievement of and in a very instinctual way. It will not stop trying to achieve what the conscious mind instills in it as clear instructions.
We constantly talk to ourselves in our mind. In fact, learning to quiet that talk takes a lot of practice. This talk is usually just idle internal chatter and it’s the conscious mind that’s doing the talking. So what happens when this takes place, which is all of the time. Your conscious mind is talking to your subconscious mind and constantly giving it instructions because your genie is designed to be your friend. It’s a great idea to build a rapport with it and create intentional dialogues after all it’s a part of you and the two of you have to work together for your best interests.
Following are our five subconscious mind hacks that can drastically change your life:
Number one – some people actually named their subconscious mind. Before you brush this off as being a little silly, remember that your subconscious mind is much like a child. It acts based on its desires and emotions while ignoring many other things. The conscious mind is intended to look after the subconscious mind much like a parent would a child. If you come up with a clear way to address it, it’s more likely to tune into your deliberate instructions and listen more intently.
Number two – give your subconscious mind a pep talk. Yes, this also sounds silly but it works. Say something like, subconscious mind or whatever name you’ve chosen for it, from now on you and I are a team working together for our mutual good being. In excellent physical and mental conditions are of benefit to both of us. From now on, you and I are on friendly terms and from now on, we communicate more deliberately. And when I talk to you, I know you’ll listen to my desires and go to work.
For those so we both get to experience those things using your conscious mind to reassure your subconscious mind. That you work in unison to achieve goals, gives it a very distinct command to do just that.
Number three – as you’re drifting off to sleep each night, give your subconscious mind clear instructions on what you would like it to work on for you while you rest. Your subconscious mind never sleeps and it’s a goal seeking computer without all of the external stimuli that it has to sort through in your daily interactions as a distraction. This is a great time to have it dedicate more of its attention to your requests.
This is actually really simple. you can say something like, subconscious mind or again whatever name you’ve given it, tonight while I’m sleeping I’d like for you to find the solution to living a life I love. I want to find an effortless route with the most reward while also being able to provide a great service to others. You can repeat this nightly until you begin to have flashes of insight that guide you in the right direction.
You can also use this for simple things such as subconscious mind tonight I’m going to fall asleep quickly and easily and rest really well when I wake up in the morning I’m going to feel refreshed and ready for my new day try this out and see how amazingly well it works for you
Number four – our brains are designed to notice and search for patterns remind yourself constantly that your brain can see the solution to anything you are asking it to work on for you and that it has the ability to show you that solution this type of reminder encourages your mind to keep focused on the task until you get the answer again this is a great way for your conscious mind to give your subconscious mind very deliberate and clear instructions
Number five – when your subconscious mind genie grants your request give it appreciation reward is a very big deal to the subconscious mind and it has a lot to do with the habits and keeps this part of the mind scores things is good or bad based on emotions and makes its decisions via the emotional risk reward system that it works with anything rewarding is deemed as important and go straight to the top of the habit list when you realize it’s done something you’ve instructed it to do tell it how much you appreciate it even if you don’t realize that your subconscious mind has a huge impact on your life it helps determine your boundaries habits and behaviors regarding such things as how successful you are how much money you earn how happy you are your motivation your relationships and your goals when you learn to work with this genie and make it your teammate your wishes will be granted in a much easier and faster way.

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