Source Naturals DMAE 351mg Brain Nutrition Support 200 capsules
If there’s one vitamin you should be taking, it’s DMAE. However, most people have never heard of this before. It might be because this is a vitamin that is specific to helping your brain. Unlike the rest of your body, your brain often gets neglected. We end up with what is called “brain fog” because we cannot focus, we have an unclear memory, and it’s hard for our brain to be clear on what’s happening. It’s like there is a literal fog in our mind that is preventing us from seeing and remembering. DMAE is often included in brain supplements, but most don’t realize that taking just DMAE could give you the same benefits. It’s friendly on your wallet, and it’s going to work just as well as the other brain supplements that are much more expensive. Source Naturals makes a great DMAE supplement that is cheap but effective. For just $14 you can have a sharper mind, which ends up being just $0.07 a pill. Everyone can afford this, and everyone should want to take it! Best Features This supplement is straight DMAE, which is proven to create a sharper mind. You don’t need to worry about other added ingredients because it is made so that it will help you. There are no fillers, no unnecessary herbs to drive up the price, and nothing else that is contaminating this supplement. When you order this, you’re getting straight DMAE that will go to your brain. DMAE will create a sharper and clearer mind. What this means is that you’ll be better able to focus, have a stronger memory, and you won’t need to have someone explain things over and over to you. DMAE is such a powerful supplement and it has been studied many times. The 351 mg that are contained in this supplement is the perfect amount for adults to take so that your mind remains sharp. What’s Included When you purchase this bottle from Source Naturals you will get the supplement of DMAE in 200 pills for just $14. Pros Many users experienced an increase in the brain’s cognitive function and were happy that they did not have to pay more than this price. It’s nice because you only need to take one pill a day to see some change in your brain’s function. While the price might be the biggest pro that users reported, they also were excited that they didn’t need to worry about added ingredients that haven’t been as researched as DMAE. Cons Many other brain supplements come with an increase of energy, and this one does not. This could be both a benefit or a disadvantage depending on how you look at it. Final Verdict This is definitely a good brain supplement to start out with. If you’ve never taken DMAE before, this is a cheap and effective way to try it out and see if you like it. I’d highly recommend it.

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